Snr. Brunei invite labor Thai / Thai to get to know the law and treat her.

     Office workers in Brunei. Thai Embassy. Scheduled meetings to know the law and treat her. To Thai and Thai workers working in area B and area K in Syria on Sunday, January 31, 2553 at 09.00 - 17.00 a place at the Cairns District Teen Wir strategist Kevin B. (Thai workers gathering resources), which is expected. have to be about 150-200 people know why the organization. Due to the current case to the Thai workers. Thai people have been prosecuted or even more. Caused by unknown laws. And not to see through. And no examples of moral lessons in their treat. When the defendant went to cause problems. The assistance comes from the associated string. Brunei and Resort You. The Thai. Are often unable resolution. Therefore, the Ambassador.

      It has approved the associated string. Brunei meetings to educate workers on the Thai. In this Snr. Brunei Preparation: 1. Invite the Thai Directors Association. A co-guest with 3 people, including Mr. Visanu might be difficult associated Wanchra Phong said Mr. Nilekani, a complete eye courtesy 2. Organize information about legal documents, stationery sets and note to all attendees. 3 recruit who is interested. "Volunteer workers" and workers and to see Thai people as well as a center for coordinating tasks with the government. 4 publishing information such as the recruit to attend more. Ksn. recruit additional professional training such as meetings with food. Beverage service. The support and cooperation from the best operators in Thailand, Brunei.

     Therefore invite Thai and Thai workers in Brunei to attend in the day time places.

     Thai workers keep their own development.

     And knowledge of life abroad.


     Snr. Brunei.