Invite the Thai workers. Thai in Brunei and family activity and blessed New Year January 1, 2553.

Government offices and staff workers in Brunei. The Thai Embassy. R. Raj, you have Thana Sri Ratntrai and his honorable thing that you respect. And good deeds that you have expressed gratitude to parents and the kindness. Ordinate and give your family a happy mature practitioner successfully integrate Prart their equations. Healthy full strength. Secure in the act of work. Has been progress. Warm and stable family. With happiness throughout the year 2553 Buddhist era.


This opportunity to invite the Thai workers. Thai people and their families. Joint meeting and other delicious Thai meal. On Friday, January 1, 2553 beginning at 11:30 to 14:00 am at the second floor, Building V Devices Inc. has County town held by the current Darwin harmony of Thai Association in Brunei. Thai operators. And officials / officers the Thai Embassy. Free for all.


Blessed by His Excellency the Ambassador of Thailand. And adults that you respect the auspicious start of the new year with delight. Participate and a good reputation for Thailand. The celebration of the new boundaries. No controversy. Not interfere with the other ring. Not fussy about drugs. Unreasonable and not drinking.


Thai Thai workers know the page and work to create a national security .


Snr. Brunei.