90 million USD eliminate poverty in Brunei.

Great news is that panic in Brunei this month is the current king Sultan Invest money in the massive 90 million Brunei dollars or Baht 2,128 million to eliminate poverty from the earth to complete within the year 2035 or in another 25 years.


There are currently enrolled families of 4,084 poor families in the current Darwin Region - 2313 Moscow Clara County family cartoon Pudong District 573 families 749 families Elliot Bay area of 259 pound integrated and the number of families are those with a debt situations. 190 people (al - Gharimin) on October 7, Sultan hath God to provide policy relevant authorities to expedite planning and the need to achieve to be made available by this policy. He then graciously give money to poor families head. All families each not less than 35,000 USD, or about eight billion baht to scrap charges tuition fees raising children. And the elderly. Rental housing for the donation of Islam (Zakat) to provide further assistance. Will be subject to disconnect residential debt within 5 years and will cover the future of children in the scholarship dependent care costs. To repair the housing.


Of the poverty problem. Has resulted in fuel economy. The spending increase in the short term. For the long term would need to monitor the actions of government regulators to track the problem further. The people of Brunei are some obstacles may not adapt to their own development and hope the government will pay over to help. When the government announced the provision of additional premium after age 55 years are $ 500 each per month.


Thai workers to create a controlled life with work.


Snr. Brunei.