Do not buy many of Brunei.

Office workers in Brunei. The Thai Embassy. Alert Thai brothers who are professionals. With concerns that. If you have been arrested criminals. Do not buy to many of Brunei. Because they are illegal on the fight against corruption. And misbehave like to increase or receiving money or goods. Authorities to ignore the fine. Punishment or open channels to do that lawbreaking can not be saved from sin except through this set penalties for male criminals and officials must pay higher fault current normally punishable by imprisonment and is lashing. exile or been out of the country after receiving a penalty and then.

Due to appear from the news media. If the alien worker to offer money to police traffic amount of $ 50-70 Location Dan Brunei license drive in check. Because the workers that drive their license has been temporarily withdrawn. It used to violate traffic laws before. It talks offer may believe that money will pay a penalty in the accident. However, with intent or speech communication intended to indicate the way that officials believe to be buying rather than litigation. Litigation has been decided to imprisonment for 2 more months of punishment is the crime of illegal traffic with.

If you're guilty or not. You will be helping provide language interpreter or attorney to comply. The staff needs you may notice from the Thai Embassy. To help any. Also suggest that you should not force the evidence to confess. The investigations do not understand the meaning clear, or not signing the text illegible before someone who understands the language to describe before. Because such statements. You may need to be punished by not deserve.

Thais need to know and treat their strict laws.

Snr. Brunei.