Srh. Brunei population to accelerate the development of skills in labor markets.

Mrs. Haase meet the Director of the Department of Labor Cola Brunei. Ministry of Interior. Said in opening the meeting the project development skills to students who graduated at the Skill Development Center "The Amazing New F" (Adidnin Training Development Centre) last month in August 2552 that unemployment may not have occurred in Brunei. As long as there are a number of alien workers in the more than 87,867 people in 2551, while there will be a work registered with the Department of Labor, there were 4,653 people and the country's unemployment pipeline that percentage. 3.4 percent since 2550 is unlikely that any more.

Cause the decline does not work cause major pillars: 3.

1. The state has several areas such as welfare. Housing benefits and bonus tickets to foreign countries every 3 years etc. while the private sector can not.


2. Some people are not motivated to Brunei to professionals. Construction work such as mining. Plant the small stones of wholesale, retail trade, which found that more labor.


3. The lack of experience and skills in work readiness, called the occupation. The government is focused. To Skill Development with an emphasis on skills development. And work skills to meet market demand for more workers.

Snr. Brunei track of Skill Development of Brunei in the slough. First half of year 2552 found that the government will focus on developing skilled workers to occupational need and demand for labor is a primary example. The military police professionals who want to work on the rig because the need is to replace those who will retire each year. For Skill Development in the private sector has found that many in business finance. The bank is majority. Construction sector that is the experience of existing skills of project management. Or who controls the long run. But for workers generally have no opportunity to get the thing developed. In addition workers must have a passion for learning and self development only. The Thai workers should be characteristic of the cultivated land will have the opportunity to take work. Or operators in Brunei in the future.

ASEAN regional cooperation resulted in serious labor cooperation.

Snr. Brunei.