Snr. Brunei Ceremony address competitive ASEAN.

On August 20, 2552 Snr. Brunei has been granted from the Ambassador of Thailand the. As representatives attended the ceremony organizing address Southeast Asian (Asean Quiz Competition 2009) as broadcasters Brunei. The finals of Brunei. For the competition winning regional ASEAN. Will be held in October at the Philippines. The questions will cover for building an understanding of social education and cultural groups ASEAN 10 countries, the preparation of the ASEAN is cooperation and seamless in 5 areas such as finance, tourism. Moving workers. Education and culture in another 8 years.


The Ceremony This is a signal to the adjustment of each country to regulate. Regulations to create cooperation. To strengthen the community of ASEAN to future success. For the moving labor is. Affect the policy of the Department of Labor directly with.
 Thai workers nationalism. Love royal institution.
  Snr. Brunei.