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Foreign policy

The main objective of the Brunei Foreign Policy. Is to promote national interests, including maintaining sovereignty. Independence and integrity of the land. Creating economic and social prosperity. And the treatment of political identity. Culture and religion. As well as peace and security stability and prosperity in regional and global.


Brunei, the use of multilateral mechanisms in regional and international level is the main tool in its foreign policy to increase bargaining power. Strengthen security and political and economic interests. Especially with ASEAN. (Which is a foreign policy pillars of the ASEAN) Economic Cooperation in Asia – Pacific. Meeting Asia – Europe. Commonwealth countries. Organization of Islamic Conference. And the United Nations. In Brunei, the bilateral friendly international efforts, both in trade and investment for economic benefits. And also had a military alliance with other countries to strengthen the defense.


Principles of the Foreign Policy of Brunei, the key is to respect the sovereignty and integrity of the land of freedom of other countries to accept the equal status of various countries, non-interference in internal affairs of each other. Dispute by peaceful means and international cooperation for mutually beneficial.  

The head of the national leaders governments withdraw the various countries visited by ourselves to the role of Brunei in Brunei makes the international stage has been recognized by various countries in and outside Southeast Asia.  


In 2547 and 2548 Pope Rachatibdi the king often visited foreign countries to strengthen relationships with foreign countries. And to seek business opportunities in global markets continued. Since Brunei has foreign policy that is friendly to all countries. In particular, the economic superpower (the U.S. include Japan, China) countries in the Middle East. As well as close neighbors in ASEAN, Brunei also has the support of their role in the region by sending more troops to observe the cease-fire between the Philippine government and Islamic Liberation Front Motionwear Robert (Moro Islamic Liberation Front-MILF) in Mindaena. and Brunei to join the peace-monitoring mission in Aceh Province with.  


Brunei in 2548 focused on the strengthening of relationships with countries that import oil and natural gas (eg China) to more by the Brunei government expects China will continue to demand more power and the will of Brunei. China will choose a partnership in the exploration and development of natural resources with the addition of Brunei, Malaysia. Singapore sees as Brunei is the national interest is to find alternative sources of energy reserves in the future by importing more natural gas from Malaysia and Indonesia today.  


Brunei supported the International Cooperation Multilateral popular (multilateralism), especially in the actions of the international community under the “Millennium Goals” and consider issues facing various countries in the world today are more diverse and send. broad impact. Problems in one country affect other countries with different problems, so that will lead to stability. Peace and prosperity of the international society. Require the cooperation of all countries.