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The general problem of thai workers

Problems experienced Thai workers. In Brunei. Arise from many causes, such as.


          – Problems arising from the employer. Some employers. Pay wages to match the timing. No work to do until the full contract. Some employers have a Quota workers. But no real work to do. A circumstance hawk workers. To the contractor. Or other employers. The loan referred to workers as their income per head per day from the workers to work with recipients. Some employers do not care workers in the welfare and illnesses.


         – Problems caused by workers. Some workers high expectations about working conditions and are in foreign countries. Conditions that need to be better than being in Thailand, but when found on working conditions and the conditions were. Not different from Thailand. Were disappointed. Do not want to work, some workers continue to violate the laws of Brunei. Non compliance of employers, such as drinking alcohol cause controversy gambling illegal liquor trade. Some enchantment in Abaimuk like drinking, gambling lottery makes waste costs can not send money back home. Make family trouble.


         – Problems arising from employment. Some recruitment companies. Send skilled workers to employers in Brunei. There is no quota various craftsmen. Only general labor quota. But recruitment companies in Thailand are trying to send skilled workers to them. To work as general labor before. By trying to deceive people that can change the position of a general labor position is full. Brunei, which by law can not change its position. Prior permission from the Labor Department of Brunei. Enabling skilled workers they paid did not match the contract. Recruitment of workers receiving line. And the information does not match the actual conditions of Brunei. As well as various propaganda. When workers arrive in Brunei already. Would cause more conflict.