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Thai labor welfare



        Office workers in Brunei. Embassy and at the current Darwin Bekasi free day care to assist the resolution of problems. All matters relating to conditions of employment. In addition to various benefits from the visit construction sites and such.        


             – To assist Thai workers are not entitled by law to people and to ask for assistance at offices in fiscal year 2549 (October 1, 2548 – 30 September 2549) a total of 666 complaint cases about 136 cases a benefit payment. 3,392,512 million baht.

             – Recognition and translation, and the lawyer.

             – Registration of marriage certificate application card Suti celibacy.  

             – The passport. Create a new passport instead of the original expiration, etc..

             – The election outside the Kingdom. Create an account to add a list of eligible employees elect to work outside the UK audit exercise in preparation for elections.

             – Organization to provide medical care. Advising the Thai workers.