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Thai labor market



             Brunei is the country’s workforce shortages. Needed dependence on foreign workers in economic sectors and the industry is significant. It is caused by a small population. Foreign workers. Most workers are from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, etc. as a source of private employment to the largest. The rest is in government employment.

             Department of Labor Brunei. Agency that manages the employment of foreign workers in Brunei. The review will allow individual employers to hire foreign workers by imposing conditions on the number of positions and nationalities of the foreign workers as a whole (Labour Quota) employers can consider in detail how. Will hire individual workers in each location that is number within the (Labour Quota) is allowed.

             Brunei is a market opening for foreign employment almost every country under the conditions that workers from different countries. Want to work a lot. Employers are able to select workers. And set conditions of employment as needed. The subject of labor law Brunei. Rules on hiring foreign workers. Most employers will maintain the ratio between the various national workers. Or similar things is important. To prevent the merger to negotiate claim benefits. Also determined by various criteria. Many things such as strength of the labor of an inferior work or worked together before.

             National Development Plan No. 8 (2001-2005) * Brunei’s planning to hire foreign workers. Should not be more than 1 / 3 of a total workforce of the country. The opportunity for local people. That unemployment has more than 10,000 people work this situation is challenging. Public and private sectors. In expanding opportunities for employment in business areas. And training for these people to be able to access knowledge instead of workers working overseas.


             ** Note is currently in use. National Development Plan No. 9 also not announced. Expected to take more time.