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New Year’s Festival Brunei HARI RAYA AIDIFITRI.

God Sultan of Brunei has announced Feast access Syawai year beginning Monday, September 21, 2552 onwards, He wishes to Muslims. As well as those who live in countries with a strong health is more complete. Also to treat people in their care. Strong health. Precautions prevent infection, chills, new strains to 2009 he reminding everyone to follow the prescription of health, Ministry of Health. As to avoid the crowded people. Or use the left and nose mask. Rinsing frequently. Eating hot. Using the central slice. Doctor immediately or go to a high fever, etc..

Festival celebrating the new year people tend to be Brunei to chanting a prayer in unison together. The open house to welcome relatives and friends who know each other respect to the visit. A banquet dish. And sweet talk. Spirit money is distributed bags to children. Unknown person familiar past. But with respect to each Ekiirtis can go home the same as with. That the Thai Ambassador. And head office workers in Brunei have to congratulate the visit by the then number 20 back home, such as royal secretary in the Minister of Interior, Minister of Finance His people 2. Minister of National Development. The Minister of Culture. General Department of Police. Minister. State. And Permanent Secretary. Senior government officials related duties. And large project management, construction, etc..

In addition, this year through Brunei to ban public access to be ready hand experience from his Sultan and his family directly, such as every year. Because prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Thais celebrate New Year together with the practical doctrine. Not illegal. And not drinking. 

Snr. Brunei.