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Snr. Brunei attending the opening of local crafts village water Brunei.

On September 12, 2552, Mr. Ambassador Pha Thai pound guard her parental software package minister said the Kingdom You Surat Thani Labor Union missions in Brunei. Ms. type and orbit of the month Wiorhns Secretary Tony joined the launch ceremony, water village folk crafts centers (The Kampong Ayer, Cultural and Tourism Gallery) The Brunei authorities invited foreign embassy visits. And inviting the mission to bring families. And individuals to visit at any time. The center is located in the people of Brunei’s water village settlements and more than thousand years. The center will showcase the products. Show indigenous weaving. Display of the old village of water. Local distribution. Viewpoint and the Center will open Sunday – Thursday at 09.00 – 07.00 am Friday, 09.00 -11.30 and 14.30 to 17.00 pm Saturday 09.45 – 17.00 hrs telephone inquiries at 2200874-5.

The opening marks the Brunei government’s policy to promote Brunei tourism increased. This will generate revenue and job creation will be encouraged to strengthen communities in the future. Also be developed for tourism professionals. Services increased. For operators in Thailand and Thai workers to support local entrepreneurs to produce goods to be sold to tourists.

Using free time after work. Can generate revenue. And improve the quality of life.

 Snr. Brunei.