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Snr. Brunei facilitate recruitment of government officials see in Brunei.

Government Department of Employment of 8 people at the Brunei government between 21 – 24 August 2552 by Ms. stack Wsu million permanent careers Kanchanaburi. Head of mission which is to include the locations. Personal experience is great and important respect, Mr. Ambassador cliff distorted parental custody and the Song Da Nang software targeted at the current minister at the Embassy of Darwin Day Free Bekasi. Experience and discussions with executives of BINA PURI CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD zone at Syria, which is the Main Contractor has approved for construction projects after the 2000 Brunei government. That wish to employ Thai workers for 2000 to 3000 who soon found, and discussions with company executives SOON LEE MACHINERY SERVICES, companies and DIMARA SDN BHD YUNG CHENG MANPOWER AGENCY SUPPLY.

Sub-contractor, a home program after the 2000 visit of Thai workers. Teen Wir strategist at the Canberra Region B UK Thai workforce to service approximately 200 to 300 people visit Thai workers at the Swiss building sector ย town on Sunday with a source of Thai workers to relax together more than 500 to 1000 people visit. Thai business operators are better Thai restaurants remittance agencies. Major Thai friend to send money. Thai Retail Zone. Shop your intuition. Shop products Thai Thai Restaurant Local Thai Massage and Spa. Brunei restaurant chef hired female cook Thai and stores such as Mei Wee We Can Elite.

Vegetables and flower farm visit Hydro Ringetoner Mr. Chatchai Beach Amorn Chai Thai troops jumping first successful in making agriculture a Hydro Ringetoner. Visit Thai operators. Vehicle maintenance garage full of red and a career full of Thai workers spraying colors for cars in the area Bora Beach Marine Tours / water landscape village communities of Brunei Local 2 of the reign of Sultan Royal Regalia Museum, the trading business district. Darwin in the current zone.

Priorities have been included in the government of the data received from HE Mr. Pha Ambassador distorted parental custody and software Song Da Nang Harbor minister in collaboration work to protect Thai workers maintain cooperation between the Ministry of Labor Ministry. State more closely. Also learn ways to further cooperation between Thailand and Brunei. In economic, trade and cultural education in human resource development in Thailand. And workforce preparation in the future. For those of Thai workers should include revisions. Should stimulate the pursuit of knowledge is always vigilant as Malayan also drinking less. Will benefit themselves and Thailand significantly. Board was informed of the correct Brunei increasing popularity as Thai workers of operators Brunei people. Affecting demand for employment many Thai workers. The advantages of working in Brunei compared to other countries working in remote and was returned about a month in Thailand 100 million baht and the importance of workforce development in the future. ASEAN to support the community in another 8 years, etc. to help protect Thai workers better ways to improve the monitoring of approved positions quickly. As well as sending physicians to check. Introduction to the Thai people have health care every year. Committee met with operators of construction. To ensure care workers in Thailand as well. To increase employment in the near future, Snr. Brunei to facilitate an order. And delivery of the return to Thailand on welfare and August 24, 2552. 
 Thai workers nationalism. Love royal institution. 
 Snr. Brunei.