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Snr. Brunei, Her Majesty Queen congratulations event August 12, 2552.

On August 12, 2552 at the Thai Embassy Snr. Brunei and the Thai Embassy. Floor congratulations upon Her Majesty Queen. On 77 Birthday Workas rainy season and the signing of congratulation to participants of the ceremony as well as Thai people live in countries with Brunei. The book signing was prepared to send to the network in the UK Region B Region and the Moscow Clara County the current Darwin. Building V Devices Inc. has ย ย town. To facilitate the Thai people in remote areas have the opportunity to offer homage to the royal institution. Until late August. After gathering will send a list of offerings to Him. In the morning ceremony attended about 300 people including government officials and association directors Thai businessmen in Brunei, Thai local media. Brunei Finance Ministry officials and Thai workers in the afternoon of high-ranking Thai military said. Participate more congratulations signed by Gen. favors are created. Alumina artificial former Gen. Council ผบ.สส. Horn, vice commander of property. Ss. And the Board’s assistant director. Army. Number 6 said.

The string of events associated. Brunei. Thai Association and exhibition show you His royal duties. And knowledge in health care. Disease prevention. Distributed anti-flu mask Health. Publication distributed to relevant legal information. Enhancing understanding of life in Brunei is very peaceful with. 

The Committee has discussed with the Thai Society in preparing activities for Thai workers, including organizing the annual muzzle. Petanque competition. Strengthen health. During October. To the Sports Against Drugs. The policy of the government and the Ministry of Labor also. 

The local newspaper of Brunei has published the above activities on August 13 to create a good image of Thailand to another. 
 Thai workers nationalism. Love royal institution. 
 Snr. Brunei.