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Snr. Brunei Resort with You. Thai officials at the reception was to study the Brunei capital.

Snr. Brunei invited from Sat. Thai certified and attend official reception by NIA 2 people into training network news in Asean 10-month period, and professors from universities in the South. Was funded study in the Ph.D. at the National University of Brunei 1 person 1-2 year period, which officials received funds received information economy. Labor and human resource development of the Thai workers.

 This Saturday, August 22, Snr. Brunei, the official invitation to visit Thai workers travel. And operators Thai Beach County K. Construction Zone cereal and watch thousands of homes after two of the Brunei government. To get to know the local labor administration. And join a network of workers continue to work. 
 Working to create value for life. To strengthen the economy of Thailand. 
 Snr. Brunei.