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Snr. Brunei, the Thai Embassy. Co-organized New Year 2553 to Thai workers in Brunei users.

Friday, January 1, 2553 office workers in Brunei. Embassy of Thailand, the Thai Association and the Thai entrepreneurs in Brunei. Jointly organized the food and beverage service is the second year for Thai Thai workers and their families more than 300 people at the very building sector County town meeting and current Darwin source of the Thai conglomerate. 

Brahma is said to safeguard the pound Pha Thai Ambassador. Blessing the New Year on the occasion. And obedience to their dominance in all the way to act. Working to make money sent to family care in Thailand. For co-organizer consists of Mr. December and inlaid Yaowarak the Federation of Thai Association Vice President Gabriele Nanta your intuition (owner of good Thai restaurants), you Paveena the (business) you made Ekiirtis (full red) you Ekiirtis you impress the equation you stare. the best horse you favor the Shuttle box you win you the major (Thai products) your major (Thai Zone) May you shift your aunt the Royal May pork auntie fa feed you bread (V to the building manager) you Robert Baker Rio Grand. Guo Thai many you bring together the various banquet. Joint activities are fun. To all the wishes expressed by singing each other to answer the problem of hearing stories from the perspective of workers with the user.   

Snr team. Brunei and Resort You. Thai. Thank Directors Association, Thailand and members. All the Thai people all the activities in this Rewmsamacci. Create a hearty brethren Thai workers to work away families. Also, create harmony, love and good reputation for Thailand appear to be more concrete. Affect market expansion in the future Thai workers in Brunei. Such action was to news and images of local newspapers in Brunei on January 2, 2553 with three news agencies. 

Thai workers to know, love and knowledge function together. 

Snr. Brunei.