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Snr. Brunei to resolve Thai people receive money back over 289 nearly six million three hundred thousand baht.

Office workers in Brunei. Embassy at the current Darwin Day Free Bekasi. Report No. 8 for success in solving the case of small shops (Qassim Enterprise) for transfer to workers and customers. Last month in February 2552, but money is not a family in Thailand. Having the summer 289 people of $ 270,000 is money that string associated Brunei. Brunei. You and Resort. Into tracking help Thai workers. Resolution notice period, then all that.

Now the problem is completed on August 12, 2552 associated with pine. Brunei and Resort You. Together with the Brunei Ministry of Finance to refund the entire track from this operator. In summary, gradually refund including continuously. 
                   1) to pressure the company. Refund the victim during the first 131 people to fully balance the damage.      
                   2) on April 22, 2552 through collaboration with the Brunei Brunei bail amount of $ 55,000 to the average victim 159 rebate on income of 73.81 per cent of money damages.      
                   3) on August 12, 2552 refund of $ 19,313.46 remaining to Brunei with 159 people wounded by the loss to complete. Total time to fix the problem about 7 months.อน  

The office workers. Thai Embassy at Novotel Bandung Bekasi free day thank Mr. Manu j j j Kiriya key organizations (Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Labor), as well as executives of the Ministry of Labor. That advice. And planning problems and to finish quickly. The local newspaper of Brunei. Press down the problem continued.

In addition to the refund that was Snr. Brunei has provided everyone signed congratulations Her Majesty Queen Princess. On the Birthday also.

This is the opportunities for cooperation from the Ministry of Labor. As well as friends of the Thai people to send money with small shops in the Public Workshop. Media in Thailand news to families of workers. Thai people and the problem was known. Obtain money and running quickly with. If unable to pick their own money. Ask a proxy. And attach a copy of ID card by. And notified to office workers in Brunei. In order to get money quickly to completion.

Thai workers nationalism. Love royal institution. 
Snr. Brunei.